Monday, June 29, 2009


hello all!!
Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but life has been crazy!
We are currently in NYC! Destinee (John's sister) had a beautiful little boy on July 9th. He was 7lbs and 15oz and 21 inches long. So we are an Aunt and Uncle! (I'm super excited)

While we've been gone, the work has continued at our house!! But first to catch you all up on what we'd done before we left!

first a sneak peek at the moving announcements I've made!

complete with envelope liners :)

johnny looking happy that the kitchen is done!

painted kitchen cabinets! (they've gotten their second coat since this photo)

isn't the white glorious??

lauren being wonderful doing the cutting in around the ceiling in the living room

my super wonderful shelly belly!! she has been sooo amazing she's helped the most out of everybody!!

sorry for the dust specs (sanding = evil) but you get the idea
this is the living room and dinning room

other side of the same room

we failed to make friends with the electricians and they have some stuff to finish

our hardwired smoke alarms

new breaker boxes!

ceiling fan in the master bedroom and the den

sadly the light will not turn on/off with the wall switch

my beautiful magnolia blossom from the back yard

the guest bathroom has the 2nd coat and the cutting done since this picture, and most of the darn latex sanded off. It need oil based paint. anyone know how to paint/sand behind the toilet?

I love LOVE our kitchen and laundry room!

cutting in is done in this room too!! all it needs it the trim and doors finished!!

its really not so dark...
and its done all but the oil trim

drywalled and painted now, painted picture soon to come I promise!!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

side note: I LOVE frogs!! i always thought there was something magical about them as a child... after all they live with the gnomes, faeries, dryads, and nymphs! (not to mention smurfs... ;) )

maybe this one is some great great great great ......... great grandfrog of one of the ones I tormented with love as a child...

And now, on to the house!
A lot has been going on here!! We had a work crew there today, so big stuff happened! Like the master shower is totally gone! and they moved that doorway! and there's an ARCHWAY now!

We have a new roof! Isn't it lovely?

more of the roof!
we just need to paint the exterior now! in the 100 degree heat!
(we're thinking of hiring someone...)

the roses are recovering nicely!
what should we plant under them? I'm thinking smaller jasmine - the type that grows low to the ground and explodes with blossoms...

We even have a bloom!!!!

Anyone know how to get rid of rust on mini blinds? They are in lovely condition all except for the little bit of rust along the bottoms...

they moved the doorway over! but thanks to that little black pipe, we cant have a pocket door anymore. :( but there will be a full sized shower!!)

all the nasty old insulation from the master bathroom
(its on the floor where the shower will be... Blech)

no more cabinets in the bathroom...

that black pipe is the reason we cant expand the shower back into the linen closet.
sad times.

the patch on the wall where the work crew busted through the shower
to the outside of the house!!

I started sanding down the guest bathroom cabinets today

we have an ARCHWAY!!!

isn't it soooo much better???

(simple joys.)

Ever wonder what the back of your shower plumbing looks like???
tee hee

and there's the front side... it has to be moved
currently its smack dab in the middle of what will be the new shower!

Anyone know anything about gas ranges? we're talking about getting one (the gas line is right behind the cooktop) but they kind of scare me, I've never used one!

We have workers at the house!!! I haven't seen them yet, but they're there! Pictures and more later. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mud room... ?

Hello All!

Today I am looking for Mud Room suggestions.
We are going to convert the room in between the Laundry Room and the Garage to a mud room.
Requirements: Table with drawers, Mirror, Bench with storage options and possibly a coat rack. The top rack around the ceiling will be nice for John's gun belt and vest, or a lift top bench (with a place to put an obscure/hidden lock later?)

We will be sharing the mud room with the water heater and I would LOVE non-flammable suggestions on how to obscure it. (All I've come up with are various curtain theories... somehow I don't think that's wise...) And the floor will most likely eventually be black and white tile (unless we have enough wood left over?!?)

This is the room that the household will be coming and going from. We plan to be parking in and using our garage once we are capable of fully moving the furniture into the house... :)
And since the laundry room is highly visible from the den and kitchen, I really do NOT want it to become a messy catch-all. (there's hoping, right??)

Any wall color suggestions?
The connecting laundry room will be green, but I am unsure of that bold of a color in such a small, windowless space. There's paneling to paint in here, just like the rest of the house...
I know this sounds silly, but this and the entry hall are the rooms I would like to have finished first! (even though it seems like the kitchen is further along... but then there's much more to do in there!)
I feel like they are the smallest of the projects and thus - easiest/fastest to finish. Plus it would be sooo nice and not to mention encouraging to come and go from a finished area, even if the rest of the house is utter chaos!

Our current, over stuffed entryway at the apartment...

This might only have a future home in the potential mud room...
It is too big for the new entryway, and I love it too much to cut in half. Painting is not an option either, so a true black and white theme will not be possible.

From the lovely people at
But we will need a table I think... Comments? Table or no table? All bench?

Bench Option
The wall cubbyholes/hooks comes with this one and seat cushions are easy to make.

Bench Option
The seat lifts up for lovely storage options!!

Progress did happen at the house despite my shoulder! The roofers magically appeared Friday morning! Yaaay! (pictures soon to follow! i keep leaving my sd card in my computer...)
Shoulder update: I'm still unsure if I have a pinched nerve, and if it is - where its pinched at.
I had a super duper intense deep tissue massage on Friday. He worked through a lot of my back/shoulder knots in a very short time. But, I was super sore and extra sleepy/grumpy all day Saturday. (still sore actually...) and there are quite a few left. Plus, my hand is still going tingly when I knit. I think I'm going to go back for more help on Monday or Tuesday after work, and let my acupuncturist work on it on Wednesday. How do they poke you on the front and back at the same time? Will I have to stay still for twice as long, so he can do one side at a time? That does not sound like fun. Plus, the deeper muscular needles are supposed to hurt worse... Maybe I'll wait to tell Mr. Tseng...
(side note - if you ever go to for acupuncture, don't fall asleep with the needles in!! it hurts if you jerk awake!)

OOoo, and if I don't work all day at the house tomorrow... I am totally making these mava cakes, maybe just in time for Grace to come help me pack? If they turn out, I'll make some to take up to Capers next week!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another day 'off' at the house!

Okay, so Monday Tuesday and Wednesday were total washes for working on the house...
My right hand started going numb/tingly during all the painting over the weekend and John's shoulder was hurting from various ripping up/out of nastiness - so we thought a break was in order. My sister and I think I might have a pinched nerve in my back somewhere, which I am hoping will be better after a massage tomorrow. (my grip on the paint brush was not the best today . I can't even knit for more than 15mins at a time...)
Soooo, nothing will really get done tomorrow either :(

(this break happily coincided with the sims3 release... yup, i'm a super dork...)
Sadly, we also seem to be nearing the end of dramatic and drastic changes.
At least until there's more ready to be painted...

And there's the fact that the portion of our loan that goes into the renovations (the part that must be used by Nov 15, 2009) has yet to fully fund. IE - we and more importantly, the Contractor cannot access the money yet.
This translates to: no money for anything but 2-3 galleons of paint a week.

But on to the pictures... :)

I love this picture!

So the roof is going to be the dark brown on the right side.

We bought a front door mat!
It's patiently awaiting the end of the painting in the garage...

The guy came out and took out the whole alarm system.

The den is crack free and now just needs to be painted and sanded...

that's where the big ugly panel/control system for the alarm box was!

painting supplies!

we have a CLEAN working fridge at the house now!
(with some awesome Indian food leftovers that make me want to skip out on the massage to work out the pinched nerve in my shoulder)

up close on the sofa fabric.
I'm not a fan :(

But its a wonderful COMFY sofa

all painted! the trim needs a second coat I think
.. should I paint the bottom a contrasting/highlighting color??